A.G.M. 2020 Update

A.G.M. 2020 Update

Following a committee meeting on Monday we are pleased to announce the arrangements for our forthcoming AGM. It was decided that the most inclusive way of conducting the meeting would be by email. 

During the week starting 9th November, CLCGA Secretary Jenny Potter will email the meeting agenda and details of how to vote, to all delegates. Delegates will then be asked to forward this information to all the lady members of their club. All the officers’ reports and any other information will be emailed out subsequently. All paperwork will also be posted on the CLCGA website.

We realise that this is not a perfect solution but felt that it was the best option available to us at this difficult time. We hope it will enable as many of our members as possible to participate.

Any items to be included on the agenda should be sent to Jenny Potter by 9th November at the latest. ‘Any other business’ can be sent at any time up to the 7th December, the official AGM date.

Vicki Stevenson 

County Captain