County Squads

The following players have been selected to be part of the squads to represent the C.L.C.G.A in county matches.

CLCGA First Team Squad at Clevedon

CLCGA First Team Squad at Clevedon
Left to right from the back.
Bridie O’Hagen, Jan Harrison, Caroline Hume Kendal, Annie Lobb, Cath Hopkins, Kira Barnes, Lizzie Nile.
Micah Carrol, Danielle Hardwick, County Captain Vicky Lee Comyn, County President Jill Simmons, Nikki Hodge

First Team

Kira Barnes

Micah Carroll

Danielle Hardwick

Jan Harrison

Nikki Hodge

Cath Hopkins

Caroline Hume Kendall

Annie Lobb

Lizzie Nile

Bridie O’Hagan

(Megan Giles +Georgia price not available)

Second Team

Jo body

Angie Chapman

Pauline Clifton

Carmel Connors

Maisie Drewett

Dawn Emmerson

Cheryl Jose

Rachael Perkin

Reserve Kate Drakely, Sophia Hallett, Emily Currie