Revised 2015

  1. The Association, founded in 1956, shall be known as the Cornwall Veteran Ladies’ County
    Golf Association.
  2. OBJECTS: to provide opportunities for friendly meetings, both golf and social
  3. The Association shall comprise full members of affiliated Cornish Golf clubs, minimum
    age on entry to be 60 years by 31st January of the current year.
    The affiliation fee shall be £3 per year, this amount subject to review at the discretion of
    the Officers of the association.
    The fees shall be collected by each club’s delegate by 31st January of each year and
    paid to the Secretary/Treasurer at the first Delegates’ meeting.
    Each Delegate shall maintain a list of fully paid members, together with their handicaps
    and telephone numbers, two copies of which must be made and given to the Secretary
    and Captain of the Association at the first meeting.
  4. Officers of the Association:
    Vice President,
    Captain, Vice Captain,
    Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.
  5. Election of Officers: The Officers of the Association shall be eligible for election at the
    Annual General Meeting of the Association, which shall be held at the Autumn Meeting.
    Officers shall serve for a period of two years, with the exception of the Secretary and
    Assistant Secretary, whose terms of office can be extended up to five years.
    Proposals for debate and decisions made at the AGM will normally come via the
    Delegates’ Meeting and must be received by the Secretary one month before the
    meeting. Each Club will have one vote on all issues.
  6. Delegates’ Meetings: Delegates meetings shall be held twice a year, in February and
    June, dates to be fixed by the Secretary in consultation with the Captain. The Officers of
    the association and a Delegate of each affiliated golf club attend meetings. The quorum
    shall comprise 40% of the total number of serving Officers and Delegates.
  7. Field Day Meetings will be held twice per year in spring and autumn at venues to be
    selected by the Captain. The Captain shall also be responsible for arranging fees,
    numbers and catering at the chosen venues. Posters of these events, prepared by the
    Secretary in consultation with the Captain, shall be ready for despatch to the affiliated
    clubs at the first Delegates’ Meeting. Both competitions shall include Silver and Bronze
    Divisions, VV (70 years and over) and VVV (80 years and over) sections. Any change in the
    format for these meetings shall be decided by the Delegates (after consultation with their
    respective club members) as shall the means of selection of qualifiers for the
  8. Matches shall be arranged by the Captain against Devon, Dorset and Somerset. In the first
    year of Captaincy all matches to be played at home and in the second year played away.
    The Captain shall also arrange, in alternate years, a match against Cornwall Ladies’
    Captains’ Golfing Society. The pairing for matches to consist of one Silver Division and one
    Bronze Division player. The Captain shall be responsible for arranging all venues and meals
    for matches played in Cornwall. Travelling expenses for matches to be met out of
    Association funds. The Captain shall also arrange a match against the County Juniors.
  9. Honorarium: £100 per annum to the Captain and Secretary plus a gift at end of term of
    office, this amount subject to review at the Delegates’ Meeting.
  10. Dissolution: In the event of the Association ceasing to exist, any funds remaining after the
    satisfaction of all liabilities shall be used to further the cause of women’s golf and may be
    given to any organisation, or person to be used for this purpose.